Birshrestho Nur Mohammad Hospital

Cadets are getting good treatment in the college hospital of 20 seats by increasing some necessary instruments. At present arrangement of testing stool, blood, urine etc. is available in the pathology department. The Medical Officer of the college treats the cadets regularly. At the beginning of the term and at the dispersal, Cadets are thoroughly checked up and the records are preserved properly.

Birshrestho Abdur Rouf Library

At present as many as 13250 books on different subjects are there in the library for the Cadets alongside their text books. In the information centre adjacent to the library, there are 04 Bangla and 02 English dailies and 01 English monthly periodical. In order to increase the general knowledge of the cadets these journals and periodicals are arranged serially in the shelves of the library. The number of text books in the bookstore is around 500. Moreover, there is a “Muktijudho Corner” where some valuable documents and books about liberation war are preserved. In addition to that Cadets have ample opportunities of internet access.

College Canteen

The college canteen is run under the supervision of a teacher. As per the demand of the cadets necessary items are sold to them at market price through coupon.